New England Smash

UPDATE 11/18/20: As of March 2020, the overwhelming majority of New England Smash venues have gone on an indefinite hiatus due to COVID-19. At the start of the pandemic, all regional venues unanimously shuttered their doors until large gatherings were declared safe by local/regional/national health departments.

Initially, due to the uncertainty of how long the pandemic would last, I made the decision to retain all existing calendar entries, as restoring these events would necessitate a significant amount of work. Of course, its been clear for some time now that we're in this for the long haul, yet I still neglected to make any changes since it seemed fairly obvious to the community at large that events listed wouldn't be running.

Since the summer, one or two venues have announced that their doors would open again, albeit in a limited capacity. It is no longer clear, nor true that all listed venues had still shuttered their doors. As a result, i'm finally getting off my butt to prune the calendar.

The primary objective of the regional calendar is to provide a detailed, regularly updated, and centralized resource that players can use to find tournaments within their county, state, or region. Additionally, it provides tournament organizers an additional avenue to promote their tournaments, while also serving as a conflict-avoidance tool. Given the limited capacity of the few active events that have their doors open, and that the objectives of this calendar are counter-intuitive to a global pandemic, I have made the decision to halt submissions to the calendar until local/regional/national health departments deem social gatherings safe.

This is not direct reaction to current events, nor a condemnation of venues that have (for one reason or another) decided to open their doors back up. It's not my place to tell venues whether they should or shouldn't open their doors (at least, not in the capacity of dude who runs the regional calendar). This is a purely objective decision based on the sole fact that the objectives of this calendar currently fall out of line with regional and national health/travel advisories. I've been sitting on this one for a while now... finally moving forward on it!

If you're a New England tournament organizer that has an objection to this decision, hit me up on Facebook Messenger, or shoot me an email at - i'd love to chat about it further. I'll be keeping a close eye on regional/national health guidance, and when we're finally in the right position to start promoting travel within the scene, i'll gladly reopen this calendar.


the calendar, and submissions to the calendar are on hiatus

clipboards is finally doing his job (wow!)

hit me up if you have any questions

happy holidays, ya' filthy animals

- Clipboards

(btw this site has always been only ever been for Ultimate tournaments - would love to change that at some point, but my point here is i don't know what they're doing. probably the same thing.)

(god im jealous of slippi)